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Brief Introduction of Group

Intelligent Investment Group was registered and set up in 2001 in London, the United Kingdom. The office was located in Sweden, the famous financial center in the world. In 2013, the group came into the public eye. Before that, it is the investor behind the scenes for Amazon, Twitter, Google and IBM acquisition in the field of artificial intelligence. Financing amount of 1485 artificial intelligence technology-related companies in the world reached 8.9 billion US dollars, Intelligent Investment Group participates in more than 80% of the world's artificial intelligence holding, and gets rich returns.

The group will set up cash pooling in the future, enhance the ability to export business, launch shared robot programs and deliver deposits to use robots. Intelligent assets Chinese intelligent assets will be counted by Israel digital currency. In the future, it will be used in a circulating way in robot hotels, malls, restaurants and can be used for convenience services, buying funds and trust insurance.

At the same time, the group will also inject funds to Intel, participate in building new high-tech artificial intelligent robots, building more advanced artificial intelligence solutions, and stimulating new creative explorations. Preparing for building robotic malls, robot hotels and robot restaurants in the world, it is committed to using artificial intelligence to change our world.

Mission of Group

Focus on key technologies of core areas in the world, fully release data value, and seek endless well-being for the human society.

Vision of Group

Liberate human labor, such as the industrial revolution, and make full use of the potential of artificial intelligence industry into the emerging wealth for the human.

Important Courses and Awards

Intelligent Investment Group was established
Global strategic layout, a diversified group of enterprises
Introduces Intelligent Assets
Unique investment at Harvard University professor Leslie Valiant, the latest in 2010 the latest computer science highest honor Turing Award
Total assets of 17 billion US dollars
Award the first time in 2015, the Benzinga Finance Awards, becoming the company that is changing the way ordinary people and professionals interact with finance
IRobot launched a new washing machine, and thus profit from the profit of 150 million US dollars
Gains the American CES Innovation Award
Docking large global data, and cooperation with the British Prudential Insurance launched one artificial intelligence fund

Our Team

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

CEO of the group

He graduated from the prestigious LBS, and he has an international "Chartered Financial Analyst" qualification certificate, which is recognized as the highest level of financial investment industry certificate in the world. With international management experience, being good at financial management and risk control, he worked at the International Finance Corporation and worked as senior financial director in the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Public Limited Company.

Ola Barski

Olaf Barski

Chief Operation Officer

He graduated from Media Labs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as technical director in CrowdFlower (globally famous artificial intelligence company) before joining in Intelligent Investment Group. He has launched a series of application cases, such as autopilot cars, personal intelligence assistants, medical image markings, social data analysis, CRM data improvement and so on. He mastered the core technology and massive information resources of the group to promote the operation and the development ideas of intelligent investment group. He is one of the promoters of the group's core strength.

Gunter Ram Bow

Gunter Ram Bow

Chief Legal Officer

He is one of the group's think tanks and an important decision-making participant, who worked for globally famous management consulting firm McKinsey and the United States Debevoise & Plimpton. With a high level of legally professional skills and a wealth of legal practice experience, he identifies and determines the main legal risk links, and participates in corporate strategic management.

Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment

Intelligent Investment Group is involved in lots of projects’ investments in the field of AI in the world, with key projects including:

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NI machine vision inspection system in the United States

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iRobot electronic products and home robots in the United States

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Dyson cleaning robots in the
United Kingdom

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Hanson Robotics simulation and humanoid robots in the United States

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Amazon Alexa voice services and Dot voice assistant equipment

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Well-known investment banks, international financial institutions, world famous law firms, the world's top artificial intelligence research institute

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