How to use artificial intelligence to develop a new era? Let us share to you!

Artificial Intelligence One Fund

Company and the British Prudential Insurance cooperated and co-sponsored the artificial intelligence one fund, one-stop wealth platform

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Long-term Wealth

Technology Revolution of Blockchain

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Secure information exchange, to solve trust barriers

At present, the core problem of the blockchain solution is "trust". When any node in the whole network can’t trust the counterparty in the communication, a secure information exchange was created without worrying about the data being tampered. Intelligent Investment Group uses the algorithmic proof mechanism for the blockchain to ensure the security and integrity of the network.

Seamless transmission and transfer

To ensure that the monetary assets or virtual currency value at the same time, through the Internet, rapidly generate digital information replication to another place, and the results can’t be manipulated by any party. Such as the realization of transnational value transfer, intelligent assets Chinese intelligent assets counted by Israel digital money is the financial and technological revolution of removing the third party and the center.

Game Development

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Revolutionary innovations in technology equipment and interconnection technologies, inspired the next era of the game industry.

Game development business modules in Intelligent Investment Group involve in AI artificial intelligence simulation game, PC / host large MMORPG, MOBA, FPS, and other leading game types.

The company invested hundreds of millions of dollars to have in-depth cooperation with famous game development companies such as Blizzard, Rockstar Games, Riot Games etc., in the development of game equipment performance, game immersive experience development, artificial intelligence simulation development and other fields in the world leading level.

Intelligent Investment Group is developing a new game model - AI depth simulation. It combines AR and VR to reach a realistic level of realities.

Intelligent Home Industry

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It involves in the investment of currently developing intelligent home system by Google and other international giants, mainly focuses on home appliances, and the integration with the mainstream of the Internet. At the same time, it integrates artificial intelligence, home Internet, virtual reality and other new technology concepts, based on the home network and intelligent terminal, with the realization channels of health services, digital entertainment, intelligent security and other typical convenient application services, through information interoperability and intelligent control.

To achieve the integrated service platform of comfortable, safe, convenient and personalized family life.

Research and Development of Robots

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In the field of research and development of robots, it involves in rehabilitating robots, to help users achieve rehabilitation in a better way.

At the same time, it involves in medical service robots, mainly in sterilization robots, used in some medical institutions, to improve the sterilization rate of medical institutions, so as to avoid the occurrence of cross infection. Working with Titan Medical, which specializes in medical and auxiliary robots, it is committed to the SPORT surgical system and will enter the US market in mid-2017.

Social Responsibility

With the core driving for the future, for the international areas and for scientific and technological innovation, Intelligent Investment Group promotes the development of science and technology wave. At the same time, it promotes the economic development of the whole society, therefore, global consumers can experience the advantages of intelligent technology in a better way, and rapidly touch the future of future human with intelligence limits. Promoting the progress of the world and changing human life by intelligent research and development are the historical responsibility and mission that should be borne by Intelligent Investment Group.