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Apple Developer Conference: released artificial intelligence development platform, image recognition fast Google 6 times

2017 WWDC, Apple has a keyword - machine learning. From Cook's first lecture, to the new product line released to the product, and then to demonstrate Demo Demo, without exception, they are talking about the machine learning.

Among the many technology giants, Apple less talk about their AI technology, so far did not let AI become the keyword in its advertising, but this year's WWDC, the situation seems a bit different.

In accordance with established practice, this year Apple announced a system update for TV, watch, Mac, bringing new operating system IOS 11, released new Mac and Ipad Pro. The other two latest products, is on the VR and smart speakers - 6 morning, "rumors" for a long time Apple smart speakers finally opened the mystery.

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However, the biggest highlight of this session depends on the machine learning.

New machine learning API - Core ML: Iphone image recognition speed faster than Google Pixel 6 times and the world of other technology giants, Apple also want your phone can run AI, they can do the fastest The speed and the most powerful ability. That is why at this morning's developer conference (WWDC), Apple released a new machine learning framework API - Core ML.

Core ML provides APIs that support tasks such as face tracking, face detection, landmark, text detection, see above.

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Core ML brings the most important benefit is that it will speed up the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch on the AI task execution speed. This will involve almost everything, from text analysis to face recognition, and will affect a lot of APP. Apple said at the press conference, Iphone image recognition speed will be faster than Google Pixel 6 times.

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Core ML will support a large number of key machine learning tools, including all the neural networks (deep, circular and convolution), but also supports linear models and tree integration. Apple also specifically stressed the privacy, Core ML is handled on the device, that is, developers to enhance the user experience data will not leave the consumer's equipment.

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Apple is not the only one on the phone to let AI have a better effect of the company, Core ML release, but also in line with the general trend of the technology industry. However, both Google and Facebook have released a machine learning framework optimized for mobile devices, and even chip makers, such as Qualcomm, have developed their own software (neural processing engine) to improve the AI experience on mobile phones. It now appears that machine learning - not just in the clouds.

Amazon Echo and Google Home usher in a strong opponent - Apple smartphone Homepod finally available, 2017 WWDC, we finally came to see Apple's smart home speakers. In the name of Cook "reshape family music", Apple with intelligent assistant features the speaker available, its name is AppleHomepod.

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Apple Homepod pricing 349 US dollars, in December this year will be the first in the United States, Britain and Australia on sale.

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Apple's official introduction is that this "breakthrough home speaker" can be free to deform and have a sense of space. The speaker is 7 inches high and uses Apple's A8 processor.

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As we had expected, Siri played a key role in Homepod. So that it can support music, news, information and other functions.

Homepod is Apple's first new product since 2015.

The world's largest AR platform

Apple has also released the world's largest AR platform, ARKit. As its name implies, this is a developer kit that runs developers in IOS11 to develop enhancements to real-world functionality.

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This is the first time Apple has been involved in enhancing the reality, from the show on the show, Apple hopes to use this technology in the game. This is a small change for Apple, its software and hardware are beginning to support the enhancement of reality.

ARKit takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPad cameras, mobile sensors and their CPUs and GPUs. It seems that Apple has been planning All In. Apple Software Engineering senior vice president Craig Federighi claimed that hundreds of millions of iPhone will support ARKit, making IOS "the world's largest AR platform." This also shows the strength of Apple.

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Craig Federighi also said that later this year, Apple will share more information about enhancing the reality of the strategy. (Probably when the next generation iPhone is released)

Hello Siri

The new version of Siri uses speech synthesis, has a new voice, sounds more natural. More importantly, Siri can now translate the dialogue directly (interpreting), currently supports English translation in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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