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Artificial intelligence + medical, unlike the Internet + medical as some empty

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Baidu founder Li Yanhong's two lectures are based on artificial intelligence as the theme of the speech, in the 17th speech is directly revealed Baidu is currently the most promising artificial intelligence application direction - medical. Artificial intelligence + medical care may also be the nearest future application from us.

Artificial intelligence has become hot again in recent days. By the World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, the word out of the tech circle, so that more ordinary people understand what artificial intelligence is. Baidu founder Li Yanhong's two speeches are more to artificial intelligence as the theme of the speech, in the 17th speech is directly revealed Baidu is currently the most promising artificial intelligence application direction - medical. Artificial intelligence + medical care may also be the nearest future application from us.

Artificial intelligence, medical + internet bridge?

With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology, the practical application of the scene is also more and more, and the medical behind the huge imagination, is making it a smart car and another technology giant is actively arranged in the field.

At present, a medical intelligence era will be fully open, the data show that as of the end of August this year, the global health care and artificial intelligence-related equity financing transactions have reached 55 times, and in 2011 only 8 times. In all transactions with AI-related start-up companies, the share of health care increased from 11% in 2011 to 15% in 2015.

In this speech, Robin Li gave a very interesting example, the artificial intelligence compared to the Internet and the field of health care to the bridge. This metaphor is very appropriate, although we have been mentioned before the "Internet +" concept, such as Internet medical, Internet education, but in fact, the integration of the Internet and medical care is not so smooth. Today, those who have been fame of the Internet startup company "clove garden" "spring rain doctor" "registered network" and so on, are still around the medical industry, the external walls of rotation, can only do some very basic medical services , And can not touch the medical kernel.

Also as Li Yanhong said, these Internet medical services also belong to the O2O level of service, think of how to line the user to drain to the line, and complete the efficient distribution of the user. And artificial intelligence has become the Internet and the medical excellent "seal agent", based on artificial intelligence, the Internet is good at the data collection, storage, transmission, and the nature of medical - diagnosis and treatment to achieve a combination, which is what Li Yanhong The second level - intelligent interrogation.

Medical treatment, is through numerous relevant practice summary, in order to obtain the effect of sublimation of treatment, computer applications in the medical field is based on the data on the basis of mobile Internet data mixed with a large number of images, video and other unstructured data , And the medical field there are a lot of unstructured data, which need to be interpreted by artificial intelligence. In recent years, in addition to the traditional statistical analysis algorithms, deep learning and artificial intelligence have become a powerful weapon for acquiring knowledge from massive data, and have shown advantages in medical data applications based on large data.

Giants admission, the commercial value behind the social value

Perhaps referred to artificial intelligence, we are more familiar with the victory over the world champion Li Shishi Alpha Go, but in the depth of learning applications, the current farthest is actually the IBM Waston.

IBM announced in May 2015 the Watson Health service, which collects health data for analysis by Watson supercomputers and collaborates with companies and organizations in Apple and the healthcare industry. At present, the main application of IBM Waston is the application of cancer in the diagnosis and treatment, through the medical image analysis and learning, it can help MD Anderson Hospital doctors to make accurate diagnosis of cancer patients.

Forbes has written that some things can not be done, they have no way to completely replace human experts, but despite its potential can not be denied. Think of an ordinary doctor, if there is such an assistant Watson, will become how efficient. Even before the patient enters the room, it can analyze their personal history, which often has hundreds of pages. It can then compare it to the annual published 700,000 academic papers and potentially millions of other patients' records.

Of course, IBM is not the only participant in combining medical and artificial intelligence. In the United States, Microsoft has already announced plans to use AI for medical care "Hanover", who are trying to help find the most effective drugs and treatment options. In addition, Microsoft is also studying how cancer can spread in different patients, and even research like computer programming to create biological cells.

In China, the farthest is the Baidu doctor. Dr. Baidu has now achieved in the test state, can achieve 80% of the diagnosis and Peking University International Hospital doctors in the same diagnosis, in some rare diseases above, Baidu doctor's accuracy even higher than people. This is undoubtedly of great significance for medical progress.

To know that medical resources are scarce resources, this problem does not exist only in China, any country is like this. So how to improve the doctor's average level of diagnosis and treatment, especially the level of primary and secondary doctors is very important. We do not need intelligent treatment will replace the doctor, because medical is not a simple diagnosis so simple, the doctor is more important value lies in the interpretation of the diagnosis results, instructions and credit endorsement. Let the robot doctor to replace the human doctor from the current point of view is not in line with medical ethics, but let the intelligent diagnosis and treatment system to assist the doctor diagnosis, will undoubtedly greatly improve the general doctor's diagnostic level and diagnostic efficiency, reduce misdiagnosis rate.

This value may also be seen by Robin Li, this is not just commercial value, it is a huge social value.

Precision medical, medical combination of artificial intelligence after the infinite reverie

Accidental care, medical combination of artificial intelligence after the infinite reverie Of course, artificial intelligence + medical treatment is not just a single application, in the speech, Robin Li also mentioned some of the more distant application possibilities, such as genetic analysis and precision medical, This is the third level he sees for internet medical care.

Precision medical is undoubtedly a huge market, according to the Boston Consulting (BCG) report, 2016 global precision medical market size of more than 10 billion US dollars, the relevant extension of the market size of more than 20 billion US dollars, and five years ago this figure is still hundreds of millions of dollars , The market is in a very fast growth period.

Accurate medical care in order to achieve precision must be based on the data, the main is the genetic data. For many diseases, especially rare diseases, finding small changes in the gene is likely to find the key to solve the problem, but it also means a huge amount of calculation. This is almost unthinkable before there is no depth of learning, but with the advent of deep learning, such as IBM Waston, Google Brain, Baidu, these applications can learn the depth of learning and processing systems, they can continue to have the data through training, In the "black box" in the rules, and complete some rare disease early detection, early diagnosis.

Apple's legendary founder Steve Jobs has cancer data applied to their own treatment, but also the world's first all of their DNA and tumor DNA sorting people. Doctors can be based on Steve Jobs specific gene composition, accurate treatment, and in accordance with the efficacy of timely replacement of drugs. That is, Steve Jobs said, "from a lotus leaf jump to another piece." This treatment greatly extended the cancer of Steve Jobs's life.

Precise medical further step is the development of new drugs, in the United States, with the development of large cancer data, the treatment of cancer targeted drugs are being actively promoted to become a new standard treatment program. After all, since we understand the cause from the genetic level, then how to treat it will be the first to solve the problem.

Artificial intelligence can provide computing power that will effectively drive the emergence of more accurate treatment of new drugs, let us overcome some of the existing problems, such as cancer, AIDS and other current medical level more difficult to deal with the disease. In the United States, such as AtomWise, Flatiron Health and other companies have been trying to innovate in this area, and at the government level, Vice President Biden is in this year's cancer conference on the big database of cancer under the banner. In the country, companies such as Baidu are also actively trying to do and technical reserves, although the distance from the final application of a certain distance, but it is undoubtedly worth the wait.

This is the value of artificial intelligence, when we understand these, it may be difficult to understand the field of artificial intelligence in 2016 hot. After the end of the mobile Internet wave, the Internet's model innovation seems to have come to a bottleneck, the next wave of a PC or mobile Internet is clearly not yet come. If this is what we see in 2015 is not clear enough, then in 2016, this is more clear, the next wave of technology is likely to be artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is likely to become the same infrastructure as the Internet, becoming a kind of ability to be given to various industries. And because artificial intelligence itself is a kind of productivity, can be more directly with these traditional industries, rather than the Internet + as some empty.

Artificial intelligence is becoming the bridge between the Internet and the traditional industries, and medical care is the most opportunity for ordinary users to directly perceive changes in artificial intelligence industry.

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